Some citations from Karen Markin

Karen M.  Markin  “Plagiarism in Grant Proposals” The Chronicle of Higher Education  December 10, 2012

“That variety of research misconduct is a growing problem, according to federal experts I talk with in my work as a university grant officer. The National Science Foundation, in its most recent “Agency Financial Report,” said allegations of plagiarism and data fabrication in grant proposals and reports had more than tripled during the previous 10 years. Agencies take such misconduct seriously because their reputations are on the line when they finance the research.”

“And it’s not just young scholars who need to take that lesson to heart. Plagiarism in grant proposals is happening among academics at all levels of experience, from assistant professors to seasoned full professors.”

“Government agencies generally define plagiarism as the appropriation of another person’s ideas, processes, results, or words without giving appropriate credit. It is prohibited by federal regulations.”

“In one incident reported by the NSF, a program officer said plagiarized text in a grant proposal had influenced his decision to support the work, “which meant the plagiarism amounted to fraud” and thus was a crime. The NSF referred the case to an assistant U.S. attorney, who ultimately declined to pursue it in light of the administrative penalties that had been imposed against the scholar.”


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